Telling stories in new ways – Meet Erin (42/52.2)

Meet Erin: In her own words – “An empty theatre, an empty stadium – these have always been happy places for me. In truth, empty is not quite accurate, as I’m surrounded by the people who actually work in these spaces. It’s the behind-the-scenes, the “empty” before the audience arrives, that I have always loved. […]

Making your shot count – Meet Allie (41/52.2)

Meet Allie: In her own words – “I was the kind of five year old that picked flowers during a soccer game instead of actually playing the game. I preferred to paint seashells and draw sunsets. I kept my anti-sports lifestyle until sophomore year of high school, when I started photographing Texas football for my […]

Using my words for change – Meet Hillary (39/53.2)

Meet Hillary: In her own words – “When my mother and I immigrated from Venezuela, I knew we arrived here to form a better life– escaping from a country where there was no true freedom of speech and where our friends and family were getting their voices stripped away. I knew that here in the […]