Where Chicago July 2015 with Billy Dec ©Amy Boyle Photography

©Amy Boyle Photography
©Amy Boyle Photography



Great to contribute to this promo for Rockit Ranch


After 11 years of pioneering Chicago’s greatest entertainment district River North, Rockit Ranch Productions redefines, reinvents, redesigns & relaunches the iconic venue ROCKIT with signature style top talent in industry pursuing their passions, charging through life, attacking their goals of being the best of the best with ferocious drive; all doing what they know, love, breathe, dominate.. All to deliver Elevated Entertainment Experiences to our beloved guests. Our Rockit team members are artists, competitors, innovators and pioneers, diverse in their actions but their sense of passion and place unites them. That sense of common purpose grows stronger and their actions begin to build and bind together as a collective, a squad, a family, an army, reveling and united as one, all to take life to the highest levels, and rock it.

Produced by Rockit Ranch Productions

Director | Kevin Hartmann
Producer | Billy Dec, Deanna Cooper and Kevin Hartmann
Editor | Christian Robins, 11 Dollar Bill
Writers | Fluffy, Psalm One
Main Unit Cinematographer | Ross Heran
Vignette Director | Michael Dolan, Bridges Media
Assistant Director | JJ Ingram
Main Unit Production Managers | Katie Rose Cronin and Jenn Gorman
Main Unit Gaffers | Nick Shamblott, Derek Robinson
Main Unit AC | Cory Solon
Second Unit Cinematographer | Kevin Hartmann
Additional Cinematography | Tyler Furlan and Tony Maro
Main Unit Wardrobe | Akira, Jakki Debb, Amy Lops
Main Unit Makeup | Josie VolpentestaMusic | Josh Berg
Still Photographers | Amy Boyle and Jennifer Catherine

Starring | Staff of Rockit Bar & Grill and Rockit Ranch Productions

Special Thanks | John Polk, Dino Costeas, Improv Olympic, Charna Halpern, Erik Debat, Jon Cotay, 1871, Melissa Wooten, The Peninsula Hotel, CJ Walstrom, Gregory Hyder, Golden Age Strength Club, Weeds, DJ MattBoyWhite, FilmGear Chicago, Daufenbach Camera, Digital Skylight, Dave Wagenaar, the staff of Rockit Bar & Grill and the Rockit Ranch Productions team.

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