52 Phenomenal Women- photo essays by Amy Boyle Photography benefitting Dress for Success Worldwide – Central. 2019 - pictured Kishori Koch

Making choices based on hope – Meet Kishori 41 of 52 Phenomenal Women

Meet Kishori: In her own words… “Inspiration: Be kind, be patient, and always have a sense of humor” – Pema Chodron “We are women who have struggled, who have tried to fit into the mold that society dictates is “the way” a woman “should” be, as if there is only one way for all of us to […]

Move it – Meet Andrea 39 of 52 Phenomenal Women

Meet Andrea – (in her words) “I started teaching fitness classes back in the early eighties when leg warmers, Reebok hightop gym shoes, and thong leotards with a matching headband was the attire everyone was wearing. Fast forward more than 35 years, a part-time job led to a multi-faceted career in the fitness world and […]

Oh the places you’ll go – Meet Kenna 38 of 52 Phenomenal Women

Meet Kenna – In her own words… “When I was 6 months old my 100 year old great-grandmother held me on her birthday, rubbed the bottom of my tiny feet and said, “Oh the miles and miles these feet will travel.” Turns out she was right. A common thread among all of the different types […]

Chasing light and staying grounded – Meet Amanda 37 of 52 Phenomenal Women

Meet Amanda: In her own words – “I distinctly remember the sound of the metal gate latching behind me as I walked out of the White House for the last time. Four years had gone by as quickly as the motorcade that I had become accustomed to riding in as one of the official White […]

The sweet smell of happiness – #betteryourbake

This week, I was invited to the kickoff of Nielsen-Massey’s #betteryourbake campaign and it was such a sweet treat! I’ve been focusing more on finding daily happiness for the last few years and I intentionally add mindful activities to my everyday. In a break from the day earlier this week, I found myself rewatching Julie […]