Telling stories in new ways – Meet Erin (42/52.2)

Meet Erin: In her own words – “An empty theatre, an empty stadium – these have always been happy places for me. In truth, empty is not quite accurate, as I’m surrounded by the people who actually work in these spaces. It’s the behind-the-scenes, the “empty” before the audience arrives, that I have always loved. […]

FYI the glass is refillable! Meet Tanya (37/52.2)

Meet Tanya: In her own words… “I am pretty sure I am the poster child for looking beyond what is and imagining what could be. You see, I grew up in a podunk neighborhood with an abusive and alcoholic step-father. Mom filed a restraining order and walked away from the marriage. The struggle to keep […]

Sowing the seeds of family history – Meet Allison (36/52.2)

Meet Allison: In her own words – “I don’t remember who gave me my nickname, “The Historian“, I am not sure it was given out of love or appreciation, probably more out annoyance other’s felt about my deep-seated drive to document, save, collect, and record everything about family. I came by it honestly. Both of […]