Guest on Lead Your Life Podcast – 9/16/20

Complete Show Notes here: Think about your own story. What is phenomenal about you? What is the special gift you bring the world? If you’re having trouble accessing that, you are not alone! As women, we often struggle with recognizing our own talents and impact on the world. On today’s episode I talk with the […]

Guest on Accented World Podcast 9/24/20

On Today’s show, Amy discusses her upbringing in an artistic and supportive household, the 52 Phenomenal Women Project and how it started, her 104 photoshoots with diverse and inspirational women, how having a community can change your life and her life-changing trip to the Amazon. Tune in and learn more about Amy’s incredible story. SHOW […]

Guest spot on Belinda Chang’s Virtual Brunch

Thank you, Belinda for spotlighting the 52 Phenomenal Women Project on your show September 6, 2020. Be sure to check it out… EPISODE 25 We are so excited to welcome our Brunchers to Season Two. Let’s do EVEN MORE good during our second season and support our friends in food, wine, restaurants, small business and […]

Renegotiating my own self-value with the world – Meet Kelly (51/52.2)

Meet Kelly: In her own words – “It is 2015, I’m pregnant with my daughter, trying to navigate my next career move and pondering the age-old interview question: “Where do you see yourself five years from now?”. I don’t know that I ever settled on an answer but I do know that it wasn’t: having […]