Creative on purpose – Meet Edwina (49/52.2)

Meet Edwina: In her own words – ©Amy Boyle Photography 2020 “I’m here for a reason. But not in a predestined way. I believe that humans are creative beings who find purpose and joy when we allow ourselves, as entirely unique individuals, to create what only each of us can create. I’m an aggregate of […]

United we stand – Meet Laura (45/52.2)

Meet Laura: In her own words – “Since 2016, I have been a grassroots organizer and activist who has been resisting the agenda of the Trump administration and helping progressive Democrats get elected as one of the co-founders and co-leaders of Indivisible Evanston. As I write this, we’re just about 100 days away from the […]

Telling stories in new ways – Meet Erin (42/52.2)

Meet Erin: In her own words – “An empty theatre, an empty stadium – these have always been happy places for me. In truth, empty is not quite accurate, as I’m surrounded by the people who actually work in these spaces. It’s the behind-the-scenes, the “empty” before the audience arrives, that I have always loved. […]