Smile at youthful audacity – Meet Karyn 14 of 52 Phenomenal Women (Year 2)

Meet Karyn: In her own words… “Sometimes not having a specific plan for your life can have a funny way of leading you on a journey that in retrospect seems like destiny. At least that’s how it worked for me. Coming of age in the first decade when women weren’t expected to immediately get married […]

Is There a Joiners’ Anonymous? – Meet Barbara 51 of 52 Phenomenal Women

Meet Barbara: In her own words… “Is There a Joiners’ Anonymous? My uncontrollable joining was surely pre-ordained.  I am the middle daughter in a family of 5 girls, raised in the 50’s and 60’s.  That “middle-ness” is a part of who I am.  Comfort and stability are there – in the middle of a group; […]

Oh the places you’ll go – Meet Kenna 38 of 52 Phenomenal Women

Meet Kenna – In her own words… “When I was 6 months old my 100 year old great-grandmother held me on her birthday, rubbed the bottom of my tiny feet and said, “Oh the miles and miles these feet will travel.” Turns out she was right. A common thread among all of the different types […]