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Get in the picture 101: Why a thoughtful selfie can help elevate your personal brand

A good selfie is more than just a snapshot of who you are. It’s a celebration of your personality and the journey you’ve taken. Treat yourself to a few good shots, and you’ll be more motivated to post them online . 🤳 We will never get this day again, cherish it and share it!

I really thought about this while I was away last month. Typically, I am behind the camera, but while traveling mostly solo for a month, if I wanted to be in the picture it was up to me to shoot it. Yes, there is a time and place for the arms out stretched while you mug for the camera, what I call a “look at me” moment, but did you know with a little prep you can take a more intentional shot and achieve an elevated portrait with gear you probably already have on you!

Here are some examples of what you can achieve with this setup. Yes, it takes a few shots to get “the one”, but the more you practice the better you get (like all things in life!).

I also mimic this set up with my pro gear.

Here are some examples of this set up – Note you have more control over camera setting as well as choice of lenses, etc.

I firmly believe that we should all make time to get in the shot and hire a photographer to create professional portraits for our brand, it’s what I do for others all the time 😉 But making the time to learn how to get your own shots when you are solo is also a key exercise in feeling comfortable in front of the camera, learning your best angles and poses based on what you like, as well as these moments come and go so quickly, if you feel like you should capture it, do it! Don’t let negative self talk or doubt get in your way. Trust me, it can take time, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity in actively sharing positive self-talk affirmations in real life for yourself!

Go out there and get in the shot – Drop me an email or Instagram DM with your new selfies!


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