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Jimmy Buffett’s Surprise Appearance at ‘Escape to Margaritaville’ in 2017: A Night to Remember

Discover the unforgettable night when music icon Jimmy Buffett surprised audiences during the curtain call of 'Escape to Margaritaville' in 2017. Join Amy Boyle Photography as we relive this magical moment in Chicago theater history, featuring a surprise appearance by Lin-Manuel Miranda and a celebration of Jimmy Buffett's musical legacy. Dive into the world of live theater and the power of music to create lasting memories.


Medill Reports: I illustrate to not forget: Combating architectural extinction in Buenos Aires through art

In the heat of Argentina's summer, architect Natalia Kerbabian sketches a traditional Buenos Aires house at a local park for her upcoming book, "Ilustro para no olvidar." (Amy Boyle/MEDILL)

Proud to finally share Natalia’s story and work in Buenos Aries. See full post on Medill Reports by Amy Boyle and Lena Folke.

Senior Portrait Photography: Capture the Journey from Childhood to Young Adulthood with Amy Boyle Photography

Capture life’s precious milestones with Amy Boyle's senior portrait photography. Trust us to craft timeless narratives through heartfelt, professional shoots.