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Home is….

Home is…. (fill in the blank)

Where the heart is.  Your castle.  Your family’s natural habitat.  Maybe HOME is just the place for your next family portrait session.  If you’re interested in capturing your story in pictures (and who isn’t?) consider having it told at a location you know best.

Maybe you’ve worked hard to create a stage for your family play, one that shows off your signature style.  Perhaps your place has a look that’s all it’s own and won’t be found in the pages of a catalog.  Or possibly having a photo shoot done at your pad is just a good excuse to spiff up the joint.  Whatever the reason, here’s how it works.

First, let the background say a little bit about who you are.  Maybe it’s a cameo appearance by a family heirloom, a cherished pet (they’re part of the family too!) or just showing off the wall color you spent hours obsessing over.  Aren’t these part of your family’s story too?

Next, make sure you have a studio-quality lighting setup.  What?  You don’t?  Oh wait, I do.  So if that soft, flattering light from a north-facing window isn’t enough, I’ll make your family feel like Hollywood stars with all the right gear.

Finally, everyone’s a little more at ease in familiar surroundings.  Want to capture a natural smile, a laugh, an eye twinkle that’s impossible to force?  Change outfits six different times?  Sip a glass of wine?  No need to bundle up the kids and head out to the studio.  Just gather ’round the hearth, relax and be yourself.  At home.

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