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Embrace Authenticity with Environmental Portraiture: Tips by Expert Photographer Amy Boyle

With Spring just around the corner, it is the perfect time to get your professional portraits updated.

I love environmental portraiture!

There is always a place for traditional studio shots, but at a time where so much focus and attention is being placed on authenticity/individuality why not pick a location that shows you in the best light.

It’s time to think outside the gray backdrop…

Location suggestions:
Your Office
Your Home
Urban Setting
Out in Nature

More tips for updating your LinkedIn or other professional profile photos:

  1. Appear approachable and engaging. 
  2. Make sure your face is clearly visible. 
  3. Wear your usual attire (authentic you).

“Amy is a terrific photographer skilled at bringing out the best in her portrait subjects, making them feel both comfortable and confident.”

Virginia Devlin, Current Global

Now for the fun part – book your session with a professional photographer. I am a collaborator with my clients. We spend time getting to your WHY, so that the images I produce will help drive the results you crave! Available for travel.

“What’s not to like about Amy Boyle? She’s not just a terrific photographer, she’s someone who has a genuine understanding of what she’s shooting, a connection with her clients and everyone around her, and a passion for the profession. She always shows a keen understanding both for the project she’s shooting and the way the entire event is being produced, which makes her a warm and reliable collaborator.”

Scott Silberstein, HMS Media

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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