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What’s wrong with a little eye candy once in a while?

Empty calories, all sugar and no sustenance, flashy flavor….  With Halloween just around the corner, we’re bound to find ourselves staring down a bowl of packaged paradise, choclatey goodness with goey caramel and a satisfying crunch.  Who could say no to just one….

How about this instead?  Zero calories and all you have to do is take a walk around your neighborhood.  I recently found myself outside on a crystal clear fall day in Chicago, strolling the streets with two of my sons and my husband.  Our eyes sweeping left and right, up and down, we gorged ourselves on a buffet of satisfying scenery.

But it wasn’t just the colorful trees that caught our attention as we walked.  Though the bright colors are still there, more and more leaves are finding their way to the ground, exposing new vistas that were hidden before.  In one urban park, an almost natural-looking pond hosts city life that’s now simpler to spot as the leafy screen recedes.

We chuckled at the clumsy, robotic movements of shiny black shelled turtles enjoying the last warm days of the year before they hunker down for a long winter’s nap.  We stared back at the heron standing immobile at the water’s edge, it’s neck wound up like a spring ready to stab at an unsuspecting snack.  We freed several squadrons of fluffy milkweed seed paratroopers from their protective cases to explode into the breeze and find new homes of their own.

Go and grab some of your own eye candy.  There’s plenty to go around!

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