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I’m a lucky lady… #DOcelebrate

PANDORA – This photographer used to bring her son on shoots — now, he’s her favorite collaborator #ad

A definite highlight of 2017 was this piece by @nowthisnews @theofficialpandora and @colinbphoto – I’m a lucky lady indeed. 💓📸 My boys make me so proud everyday!

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  1. This is a beautiful and touching story. I also thrive to creating that bond with my girls while doing life and growing a business. It is achievable and this video along with the many other stories out there are proof of it.

  2. Full circle, huh? I absolutely love this! I look forward to collaborating with my girls in the future. They don’t understand it yet, but they’ve already helped me so much — mostly by motivating me to work harder and be better. I love the idea of continuing to grow as a family and as a businesswoman by their side. Thank you for the inspiration!

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