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“Sometimes a warrior has to…” – Meet Laura 20 of 52 Phenomenal Women

“Sometimes a warrior has to let down their shield in order to discover true strength…

Making FUN a priority…

I feel that I wait all year for summer and it passes so quickly. One thing I promised myself this year was to focus on NOW – So last week, I scheduled two fun activities. If you are in Chicago, you certainly should check them out.  HAPPY PLACE through 8/6 and Wild Women Of Planet Wongo through 7/28.

As a photographer, going to Happy Place with my son and fellow photog, Colin, was such a blast. A true playground of visual delights. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a very long time. (See the ball pit photos for proof of that!)

Bring your friends and your cameras for an instagramin’ fun time!


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