“If you know how to sell…you will always have a job”. Meet Cheryl (27/52.2)

Meet Cheryl: In her own words – “My dad always told me I could be anything I wanted to be in business; gender was never a part of the conversation. He is a natural speaker, salesman, gifted writer and was a successful adverting executive in what is known today as the “Mad Men” years of […]

Be a force for good – Meet Belinda (25/52.2)

Meet Belinda:In her own words… “A few months ago, I was asked to speak about my decades-long career path (to date) and what I have learned along the way on stage for The Welcome Conference. If the James Beard Awards are the restaurant world’s equivalent to the Oscars, then The Welcome Conference is like giving […]

With a hope and a dream – Meet Valerie 24 of 52 Phenomenal Women Year 2)

Meet Valerie: In her own words- “For many years, I worked as a school social worker on the south side of Chicago.  The job wasn’t easy, but I worked with so many amazing students and I absolutely loved it.  However, I quickly saw that there were so many factors outside of school that impeded my […]