52 Phenomenal Women- photo essays by Amy Boyle Photography benefitting Dress for Success Worldwide – Central. 2019 - pictured Kathleen K Henson

The Beautiful Garden of Life… Meet Kathleen 31 of 52 Phenomenal Women

The Beautiful Garden of Life…Why Planting Seeds of Kindness Produces Lifelong Blooms Meet Kathleen: In her own words… “Since I was a little girl, I have viewed my life as one big, exquisite garden filled with the people I’ve encountered throughout my experiences. As a child, playing among the oversized lilac bushes framing my suburban backyard, I’ve […]

Time for a change

You don’t need to be a keen observer of the seasons to spot the spring blossoms in this montage from Montrose Beach.  Yes, it’s Chicago, and the calendar really does say October.  No, it’s not photoshop magic.  But clearly this little sapling wanted to make a big impression before it went all dormant on us […]